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How to Trick a Stripper Into Thinking You Respect Her, so She Will Have Sex With You

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Today I read something bad... really bad. First I was astonished by the stupidity of it, then I felt disgusted (especially after I read the comments people had left), and then finally I felt really angry. 

So, to start at the beginning, I was browsing the web (as ya do) and I came across an article written on a website called 'brobible.com'. Yes. I know what you're thinking. I should have clicked away, there and then, seeing as this site arguably has the douchiest name on the internet. However, I kept reading, as the title of this article really caught my eye:

"How to Have Sex With a Stripper (Without Paying For it) by Alex Matlock"

What follows on from there is literally one of the creepiest pieces of 'journalism' I have ever read. This guy claims he is a Pick Up Artist (or PUA for all those in da know). So basically he schools guys on how to get women, or 'chicks' as he so adorably puts it throughout the article. (Seriously though, I find 'chicks' such a weird term for women. Is he stuck in a Freddie Prinze Jr movie?? Ima start calling guys 'roosters' or something to get a balance).

Anyway I am going to walk you through this abomination of an article. 
So here we go. 

First of all Matlock writes that you have to 'look decent' to have the stripper want to sleep with you... No shit Sherlock. He then claims that because he's 'fit and dresses well [he] didn't get to see what happened if that wasn't the case.' From looking at his picture I'm personally not seeing the fitness or dress sense, but whatevs, you managed to trick the stripper into sleeping with you, so well done you, what do I know??!11!

What follows from here is a web of LIESSS that allow Matlock to ensnare his prey.
 You have to trick the bar staff into telling you who is the youngest and newest stripper, and as Alex so delightfully puts it:

'As soon as you've got that [information], you've got you potential prospect. Now the chase begins.'

I swear this guy thinks he's a freakin sex lion or something.

The creepiest bit comes when he's writing about what to say during conversation with her. I don't think there is a person on earth who could talk about women in a more demeaning way than this guy. He keeps mentioning:
 'strippers are like normal women, thus you need to game them like any other chick'.
Arghhh too many things wrong with this sentence!!
1) Chick (see above)
2) 'Strippers are like normal women'. WTF?? They are women! They have likes and dislikes, they eat at the same restaurants as us, they breathe the same air!!! And, btw, I would really like to know what a 'normal' woman is.
3) 'Game them'.  Ewwww, seriously man? That sounds so creepy.

Matlock then continues to perpetuate the idea that strippers are like some weird animal you have pretend you respect to get them to sleep with you, by writing such gems as:

'Contrary to popular belief, you're probably not going to get the bang that first night. The best thing to do is continue treating her like any other woman.'

She is a human being! Yeah, well done!! So you're right, maybe treating her with respect might get you somewhere?! 

And just for a second can we all commemorate the douche-beauty of Matlock's phrase 'The Bang'. (Which he mentions a total of six times in the article).

Matlock lives for 'The Bang' you guys. It's his life. His love. He lives for the chase. The wind in his hair...
He doesn't give a shit about the actual girl. Tbh from this article it kinda shows that he pretty much has no respect for any women. Women's pussy is the prize to be won. After all, he does entitle it 'The Game'. And to him, it seems, strippers are at the bottom of the (already low) women section of the human hierarchy. They aren't 'normal women', but you have to 'game' them into thinking they are. 

This man freakin spends money, goes on dates, messes with people's emotions, to get them to fuck him. Once. How sad do you literally have to be to do this?
He claims he 'seduced' a stripper as an experiment, in order to write this article. That is low. Really low.

 And the lack of self esteem this guy must have, in order to get himself to do this kind of stuff, must be incredible.

I can't stress enough that I understand that you don't have to reallly like, or wanna be with someone, in order to sleep with them. But to  undermine their confidence and trick them into sleeping with you, is something else. I don't have to love someone to sleep with them, but I still have basic human respect for them!

If you ask a Pick Up Artist why they act like sad, pathetic leeches in order to sleep with girls, their go-to answer is usually that they are doing it to help all the guys that can't talk to girls and who always get turned down. This is complete bullshit. Pretending to admire someones intelligence, pandering to their ego and creating elaborate schemes just to sleep with them, is not a way to get guys to create healthy, happy relationships with girls. It's a way to fuck someone over and feel better about your pathetic self by doing it.  

Scrolling down the comments I also found a lovely comment by a guy called Sean Reed, who wrote:

'Many years ago I had a stripper girlfriend. The key is to flip the script and have to attitude that she is lucky to be with you. Most strippers are f'ed up in the head... Unfortunately, most have an attitude... and are 100% unsuitable for any type of meaningful relationship. Once you understand that it is easy to game them.'

Right so did you get that guys? Flip it so you can mind fuck her, and control her properly. If she's emotionally unstable even better! You'll be able to 'game' her better then!! amirighhtt??!

Tbh I don't really know what I expected from a guy who wrote other articles with titles such as:

How Soon Will She Let You Bang Her?
8 Simple Steps to Bang Chicks While Day Drinking
How to GET Your Girlfriend to have a Threesome (...I wish I were joking. He even capitalised the 'get')


A Guy's Guide to Getting and Keeping a Mistress 

... okay that's it. I'm done. This guy.. wow.

You know what Matlock. You wanna have good sex with someone? Maybe actually try being yourself and treating them with respect. You will experience what amazing sex actually is.
 And funnily enough, it doesn't come with that sick feeling you get in your stomach every time, knowing that they wouldn't be fucking you if they knew what a pathetic person you are to have to scheme and lie to get into that situation in the first place. Just a thought.

Here's the stripper article for all of you interested :)


The Strange Case of The Secret Leg Fetishist

Monday, 4 March 2013

Well this blog post is quite personal this week; as it is on the subject of something that actually happened to me. It is the strange tale of the secret leg fetishist...

It all started with my Lookbook account (shameless plug.. I know). Lookbook is a website where aspiring fashionistas upload outfits, or 'looks', styled by themselves, and people like and comment on them. I am one of these pretentious people, and I like uploading my own looks from time to time. Having uploaded a recent look, I sat back and watched the likes and comments roll in ( all 12 of them). 
I then noticed an email pop up in my Lookbook inbox. At first I thought it was spam, but on closer inspection i saw it was a genuine email. 

It was from someone named Louie. I won't write his second name, as he is quite easy to find on Facebook. He claimed he was a photographer who primarily took photos for hosiery companies, such as Tabio and Wolford, for their blogs. Having seen and liked my Lookbook page, he asked whether I would like to do a test shoot for him in London. I was naturally very skeptical about this, so I asked to see some of his previous work, portfolios etc, and asked what agencies/companies he has previously worked for.

He replied almost straight away, and I found his eagerness added to my skepticism a little. In response to me wanting to see his previous work, he linked me to this:

So obviously I was thinking... ummm okay? A random tights website is a portfolio of your previous work? Hmmm.
The previous agency he claimed he worked with was One Photographic, which seemed legit enough as they are a real company.

But then he made a mistake.
I'm not sure if it was necessarily something any normal Lookbooker would be able to spot, or if I am so versed in the seedy side of sexuality that I noticed it straight away, but he casually wrote:
"In the test shoot you'll be provided with 15 denier, reinforced toe tights for Tabio, and the test shoot will be outside. Do you usually wear tights etc, if so which types?".

No photographer ever needs to know, for photographic reasons or whatever, what tights or hosiery their model usually likes to wear. Foot and leg fetishists, however, would loooovveee to know what hosiery I am usually keen on wearing. He already had photos of me from the Lookbook website (legs included), so having some personal info on what my hosiery preferences were, would just add to the fantasy.  

I decided to ring the One Photographic agency. The receptionist immediately forwarded me to the company director. She was really lovely, and did all she could to help me with my strange request. I asked her if anyone with his name had ever worked with her agency. She confirmed that no one ever had, and that no one had even interned with that name either. She concluded that he must be a weirdo, and to definitely stay far away.

Now back to ol' Louie. I was pretty much 99% sure he was a foot/leg fetishist, but I wanted to have one final dig in his online info to see if I could find something that would seal the deal. I found his Facebook page, which conceded that he was indeed a part-time photographer based in London.
However, I also found a very interesting section on his Lookbook page.
I hadn't realised, until that moment, that you can see Lookbooker's comments to other Lookbooker's, on their outfits. Louie's comments page was filled with comments to girls, who all had one thing in common:

They were all wearing 15 denier black tights.

This guy was mmaddddd about 15 denier, black, reinforced toe, tights. Here's a little sample of the stuff he'd written on these girl's looks:

"Hey love those tights! They're 15 denier right?"
"Amazing tights!"
"Do those tights have a reinforced toe? Love the cute look!"
"These tights look great. So nice"

The thing is, on most of these looks, the tights really weren't the main focus of the outfit. They just happened to be wearing tights at the time. In a lot of them the tights were barely even visible! 

And have a guess at what I was wearing in my Lookbook outfit, when Louie stumbled across me?

You guessed it!

Now here's my problem. I don't know how to feel about the whole situation really. I love fetishes, I find them really fascinating. But conning someone into letting you take pictures of their legs, so you can masturbate over them later, is a bit deceiving and mean.

 However, in this world of stigmatism in relation to fetishes, maybe he couldn't find someone to adhere to his needs. I'm not going to lie, I do find foot fetishes really weird; literally more than any other fetish. I can understand a leg fetish, but only if stockings were involved. Not some boring, everyday, see-through tights!
People told me I should report him etc, but I really didn't think that was necessary. I mean 1) who to??! and 2) if the guy really wants to masturbate over some legs, let him. If he was trying to rape people, or engage in non-consensual sexual behavior with the girls he was photographing, then yes of course, get very mad.

But for me personally, I can't really make myself angry with the situation. I just think it a funny tale, that fits nicely into the collection of other strange stories that make up my life. 

Louie was blocked and deleted from Lookbook straight after his last email to me. So I suppose he'll have to find a new 15 denier, reinforced toe'd, leg-pool to masturbate over.


Fatima Siad: Female Circumcision (AKA Horrific Genital Mutilation For Women) and The Lifelong Sexual Punishment

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Soooo, today I'm going to be discussing a topic that involves something so awful, it defies the amount of pain my brain can even handle processing. It also involves the most beautiful model I have ever laid eyes on. That model in question is the one looking coquettishly over her shoulder in the picture above this text; the beautiful Fatima Siad. 

Born in Somalia, Fatima was subject to an experience many young African girls face; circumcision. This process involves the cutting out of the clitoris and labia minora and sewing up of the labia majora. There are three stages to the female circumcision, as shown in this diagram:

The level of pain this procedure must produce, is completely mind blowing to me. But then the fact that it is actually practiced on baby girls who are just A FEW DAYS OLD is just... well I have no words. This procedure is usually carried out with a pair of scissors and NO ANESTHESIA. I know. I mean the scissors part is horrific, but then no pain relief??? 

The dangers of snipping off a little girl's clitoris and labia, and then sewing her vaginal lips together, is not actually what this blog post is going to be about, however. The main concerns I have lie in the fact that these girls are denied sexual freedom. Actually, if you dig deeper, it's not even that they are denied sexual freedom, they are denied the human right of even being a sexual being in the first place. 

Unless you are asexual, having sex and feeling pleasure is not a preference, it's a basic human need, like eating or drinking. Not many people could actually say "No mannn, seriously I hate orgasms.. actually I hate pleasure in general!". No. It just wouldn't happen. (Unless you're asexual... keep that in mind with everything I'm writing in this post!). 
Every person on this planet is entitled to feeling pleasure from sex. Considering that only 25% of woman can orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone, it would show that people performing female circumcision on girls, are imprisoning them in an orgasm-less existence

Why people seem to get so squeamish and weird about the thought of women liking sex is completely beyond me. It's like society has been brainwashed into thinking that women always have to be the clear-thinkers. God forbid they let themselves go for a few minutes into the evil grasps of pleasure?!? But this mindset then takes a frightening turn when it morphs itself into blind fear. A father or mother may become overcome with disgust when thinking that their little daughter may, at some point, discover pleasure through their own body and through sex. It frightens them so deeply, that their crazy thought processes lead them to the answer that "Yes, the best thing to do is to just not let them EVER experience it, then they'll never know, and thus will stay pure and I can go to bed and night, safe in the knowledge that they'll never touch themselves. Yayyyy! Win-win situation!".

Mutilating another person's body, especially a child's, all in the name of anti-sex and anti-pleasure takes human craziness to a whole new level for me. Through all the pictures I have posted above, you can see that Fatima Siad is not ashamed to convey her sexuality and beauty through her photographs. Although she hasn't said to what level she has been circumcised, any type of genital mutilation is damaging to a girl's mind and soul.

Siad was able to leave Somalia, come to America, and celebrate her beauty through modeling. But for most little girls around the world; in Africa, Malaysia, and other Islamic countries, they are imprisoned into a life that firmly says "No. You are not entitled to feel pleasure. You are dirty for having the desire to want to feel it. You should feel ashamed for being born a woman, and I will take it upon myself to seal you into this fate by permanently mutilating your body while you are too weak to fight me." 

Although this is an extreme example of hate towards female sexuality, it happens in our own 'liberal' western world; through slut shaming and by setting a quota on how much sex a woman can have before she is labelled a whore. (You can read my post on Whores, Sluts and Hoes after you've read this)

There is an easy and simple statement that, if the world could just accept and embrace it, would end a lot of women's pain; physically, in terms of female mutilation, and mentally, in terms of self-harm and sometimes eventually suicide. And the statement is this:
"Women have sex, they like to feel pleasure. Ffs just get over it."

The End.


Latina Gangsta Style: Chola

Sunday, 2 December 2012

This style is the epitome of everything I love; Massive hoops, giant hair, and overly exaggerated red lips. It's like taking the traditional 1950's housewife and giving her an attitude and real sex appeal. I can't imagine a style more perfect!

I have always been drawn to Latina fashion and makeup. It's the ethnicity people mostly, mistakenly, identify me as-
(I am half English and half Pakistani, just to clear up any confusion). I remember first seeing it in JLo's video featuring Nas- 'I'm Gonna Be Alright'. What 10 yr old girl can't resist an Adidas Sweater Dress?! It's off the shoulder!!

Not gonna lie... still kinda want this

She looked so amazing in this video, with her tanned skin, big hoops and masses of sex appeal. I wanted to be her!.. but I was 10, so I looked less like this:

... and more like this:

I wouldn't even have looked this good in a hat.

But anywayz, luckily the Gods looked favorably upon me and I grew up with a better understanding of fashion, and somehow my face morphed its self into a better one than my 10-15yr old one, (seriously no one needs to see those pictures).
This is when chola style found me. It had looks of the 1950s, but mixed it with the Latina style I had loved previously. Here is Stevie Ryan as her chola alter-ego 'LittleLoca':

I did a few pictures just to show the makeup and hair, just incase anyone wants to try it at home!
The eyes consist of a vanilla eyeshadow on the lid, a smokey brown in the crease and a white highlight on the inner corners and brow bone. The eyeliner is just a normal 50s flicked cat-eye, with kohl pencil lining the inner and out rim:

And the lips are a dark, ruby red, with black liner (yes I did say black haha!) around the edge, and smudged in the corner. You can also add gloss on top just to exaggerate it a little more:

The hair is just back combed to the extremmeeeee, with a bandana tied round.
And this is the end result!

Just don't forget those hoops


Whores, Sluts, and Hoe-Bags: Nudity and Sexuality in Society

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nudity, for one reason or another, is a problem in today's society. It is an arrestable offence to 'expose yourself' in public, and many would deem an uncovered body 'vulgar' or 'crude'. A woman who decides to expose (or even hint at) certain parts of her anatomy, ie. her breasts, thighs, ass, or even stomach, could expect to be called a range of derogatory names... most of which infer that she mayyyyybeee has sex for money.
I am not going to lie. I have, far too many times, tarred girls with the 'whore' or 'slut' brush, and I promise wholeheartedly that I really try not to anymore. I suppose I was never trying to suggest that it was wrong for these girls to be advocating sex, or even looking like they want sex; I am all for that! It was mostly the hideous fashion faux-pas they made while trying to advocate this sexual liberation they had found. 

I'm going to be a bitch here, but I cannot take this as sexual liberation:  

If I was at a party and I saw someone wearing this I would think 'C'mon, let's be a little more adventurous shall we? Pre-packaged, crappy quality fancy dress outfits have been done a million times before. And, chances are, you are probably going to meet at least 15 other people at the party who have also typed 'sexy fancy dress outfit' into Google, and have turned up in exactly the same (or a skimpier version) of the dress you are wearing. 

Now if I saw a girl come in something like this...:

I would think 'Hey. You. Me. We would be awesome together. Best friends. Now.'

The second picture probably has more nudity in it than the first. However, I would definitely be quicker to think less of the first girl's fashion choices over the second's. The first outfit is pulling the "Oh I just went to Ann Summers and picked the first thing that made my breasts look larger and had the least material on it" look, which is usually matched with the words, "No way am I looking for sex. Nope not me. Sex is bad... wrong... disgusting! In fact I hate sex! OMG look at that girl over there in practically exactly the same costume, except in green, claiming she's Robin Hood. What a slut..". The second outfit, however, is pretty much advocating sex in its most obvious 'slutty' form. This outfit has been well thought out though, and carefully put together. It is also important to note that the wearer would  have to be pretty proud of their sexuality and 'hoe-bag'-ness, to even think of wearing a black leather corselette (a fabric which is often associated with sexy times and bdsm).

Now there is NOTHING wrong with wearing a Red Riding Hood outfit, or any other kind of fancy dress. However, if there are going to be 50,000 other girls wearing exactly the same kind of outfit, then I don't understand why you wouldn't try and make your own original outfit. They can all depict sex; that is not the problem! I have seen a girl wear nothing but tape around her breasts and nether regions to a fetish theme party, and to that I say "hurrah!". She is comfortable with her body, she doesn't give a fuck, and she likes it. Yayy!!

Angelina's rockin' the tapey nips look too

The problem then comes with the argument: are girls unveiling their bodies for their love of sex, or for the approval of men? It is sad to say that many will do it for the approval of a young man. They want men to be sexually aroused by them and, from that, feel as though they have gained some kind of power. However, as men are mean and fickle creatures... :p, they will gladly give the girls the sexual power they desire, but then take it away after the actual deed is done, and the girl's use has been determined. She had power, but only for a short while, and now she has given the goods she promised (in wearing the provocative dress), she is now no longer special and has no further power in any other area of the man's life. After all, although a man may do anything for the promise of sex, he does not want a woman who is desperate for approval, through sex, in his life.

However the woman who wears sex on her sleeve (if that can even be a phrase...), is saying loud and proud that sex is OKAY. She is putting her cards on the table. 

And to think, all of this can be determined by an outfit. The sad truth.
But hey, if you aren't walking around in a white virginal sheet with eye-holes, then yeah sorry, you are probs a massive slut. 
BUT. Who gives a fuck? Love yourself, and love sexuality. 


Lana Del Rey - Style Icon for Today

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I haven't blogged in over a year, I can't believe it has been that long! I suppose I did not have much inspiration; but this is where this young lady comes in. 

It seemed when I was in desperate need of a new fashion icon, she was there like a call from the heavens, to help me renew my love for style and perk up my wardrobe.
It's no secret that I adore the 1940s and 50s, however, dressing in that style does not really give room for  in my other love of hoop earrings and gold jewellery.
But as it is plain to see, Lana embodies all of these style points effortlessly into her own look. Hoop earrings never looked so elegant!

She even has the killer nails.
 I had always admired these when looking into female Japanese fashion styles (especially around the 'Gal' and lolita trends), but never dared to wear. 

If you think those are adorned you should see the dedicated nail-lovers' work...

(side note: although I do think the above nails are incredibly cute, the logical part of my brain luckily steers me away from thinking that they are anywhere near the realms of normality, not to mention practicality...)

Anyway back to Lana. Her nails have taken inspiration from this, and still give her the air of 'trashy-elegant-chic', if that sort of paradox can exist. If she can actually pick things up, however, remains an ever present mystery. 

I think overall what that really stands out for me, when it comes to Lana and fashion, is how seamlessly she has incorporated elegance, sex, cheap-chic, and lolita into one style; and incorporated it, ultimately,  as one person. She fully embodies those four traits into her mannerisms, music and fashion, and its what gives her the mystery and seductive nature she so successfully puts across to her audience. 
The sexual themes she presents do not appear in a crude, obvious way, as they so often do with a lot of celebrities (*coughcough* Rihanna).
But instead they give her a lolita style intrigue, whilst also giving her the opportunity to flaunt ideas of submission and dominance within her fashion and work.

As we can see, there is such a thing as subtlety when it comes to submission and dominance style fashion, or S&M fashion if you will. Rihanna doesn't seem to have mastered it, 
But Lana has, first time...


1970s Style

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I really can't believe how much I have neglected my beloved blog, but I just haven't had much inspiration. Although I draw on current fashions in my blog posts, I'm not a complete follower of up-to-date trends. I like to think of this blog as an inspiration giver, on the front of music and fashion! 
Well anyway back to the post. It was this recent Darwin Deez video (yes I know I have blogged about him before) of the song 'Constellations' that made me think of the topic of this blog post:

The amazing '70s fashion really reminded me of a lot of the 1970s style I had seen around the shops at the moment. I'm much more of a fan of early 70s, when the trousers weren't so flared. So these Camel Belted Pleat Front Tapered Trousers from Topshop fit the bill perfectly! 

I really like the front pleat, as it really brings the trouser out of being to casual and frumpy. Camel is definitely a colour I associate with the 1970s, and you can never go wrong with a nice pair of beige or camel trousers I always think! 
A lovely floaty blouse is next on my 70s fashion agenda.

Well if money was no object this Chloe Pussybow Silk Crepe blouse would be perfect. The low-slung pussybow is a perfect choice, loosely tucked into your camel trousers. But for those of us who have to tighten the purse strings there is this lovely Pussybow Blouse from Oasis, which is just as lovely, and in a very similar colour:

My favourite item from this 1970s revival are the platform loafers:

These amazing shoes are from River Island, and I am seriously debating if I can part with my cash just to own them, (whether I can walk in them is another matter entirely). They also do them is this lovely tan colour too, which is probably the shade I'll buy them in:

Long gold necklaces, bangles and brown satchels are always a must too with the 70s style, but if I started blogging about those too I'd be here all night. Brown satchels are everywhere at the moment, but this Tan Triangle Lock Satchel from Topshop is pretty perfect for the look:

BEWARE, I have had this bag twice and the clasp has broken on it both times! It's just so nice though...
I hope this has all been inspiring for you all! Oh and Happy New Year!