Fatima Siad: Female Circumcision (AKA Horrific Genital Mutilation For Women) and The Lifelong Sexual Punishment

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Soooo, today I'm going to be discussing a topic that involves something so awful, it defies the amount of pain my brain can even handle processing. It also involves the most beautiful model I have ever laid eyes on. That model in question is the one looking coquettishly over her shoulder in the picture above this text; the beautiful Fatima Siad. 

Born in Somalia, Fatima was subject to an experience many young African girls face; circumcision. This process involves the cutting out of the clitoris and labia minora and sewing up of the labia majora. There are three stages to the female circumcision, as shown in this diagram:

The level of pain this procedure must produce, is completely mind blowing to me. But then the fact that it is actually practiced on baby girls who are just A FEW DAYS OLD is just... well I have no words. This procedure is usually carried out with a pair of scissors and NO ANESTHESIA. I know. I mean the scissors part is horrific, but then no pain relief??? 

The dangers of snipping off a little girl's clitoris and labia, and then sewing her vaginal lips together, is not actually what this blog post is going to be about, however. The main concerns I have lie in the fact that these girls are denied sexual freedom. Actually, if you dig deeper, it's not even that they are denied sexual freedom, they are denied the human right of even being a sexual being in the first place. 

Unless you are asexual, having sex and feeling pleasure is not a preference, it's a basic human need, like eating or drinking. Not many people could actually say "No mannn, seriously I hate orgasms.. actually I hate pleasure in general!". No. It just wouldn't happen. (Unless you're asexual... keep that in mind with everything I'm writing in this post!). 
Every person on this planet is entitled to feeling pleasure from sex. Considering that only 25% of woman can orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone, it would show that people performing female circumcision on girls, are imprisoning them in an orgasm-less existence

Why people seem to get so squeamish and weird about the thought of women liking sex is completely beyond me. It's like society has been brainwashed into thinking that women always have to be the clear-thinkers. God forbid they let themselves go for a few minutes into the evil grasps of pleasure?!? But this mindset then takes a frightening turn when it morphs itself into blind fear. A father or mother may become overcome with disgust when thinking that their little daughter may, at some point, discover pleasure through their own body and through sex. It frightens them so deeply, that their crazy thought processes lead them to the answer that "Yes, the best thing to do is to just not let them EVER experience it, then they'll never know, and thus will stay pure and I can go to bed and night, safe in the knowledge that they'll never touch themselves. Yayyyy! Win-win situation!".

Mutilating another person's body, especially a child's, all in the name of anti-sex and anti-pleasure takes human craziness to a whole new level for me. Through all the pictures I have posted above, you can see that Fatima Siad is not ashamed to convey her sexuality and beauty through her photographs. Although she hasn't said to what level she has been circumcised, any type of genital mutilation is damaging to a girl's mind and soul.

Siad was able to leave Somalia, come to America, and celebrate her beauty through modeling. But for most little girls around the world; in Africa, Malaysia, and other Islamic countries, they are imprisoned into a life that firmly says "No. You are not entitled to feel pleasure. You are dirty for having the desire to want to feel it. You should feel ashamed for being born a woman, and I will take it upon myself to seal you into this fate by permanently mutilating your body while you are too weak to fight me." 

Although this is an extreme example of hate towards female sexuality, it happens in our own 'liberal' western world; through slut shaming and by setting a quota on how much sex a woman can have before she is labelled a whore. (You can read my post on Whores, Sluts and Hoes after you've read this)

There is an easy and simple statement that, if the world could just accept and embrace it, would end a lot of women's pain; physically, in terms of female mutilation, and mentally, in terms of self-harm and sometimes eventually suicide. And the statement is this:
"Women have sex, they like to feel pleasure. Ffs just get over it."

The End.